The book that takes you to every 2019 GP and Superbike race in the world. Race by race coverage of the bikes, riders and teams. Plus, the Isle of Man TT, US Road Racing and much more. This book will make you an expert on the 2019 season. In its 44th year. A must for the serious roadracing fan and collector.

  • Hardbound
  • Over 450 Color Photos
  • 328 Pages


            9.5" X 12.5"


  American Motorcycle
       Association Ride
     Guide To America
              Volume 2

This is a nice guide to more than 40 trips motorcyclist will want to take to places all over the continental USA. America is a beautiful place and these routes will help you enjoy this beauty first hand. Whether you want to see the forests of the Pacific NW, the deserts of the SW, or the Fall foliage of New England and similar great things to experience, there is a trip here for you. Point to point trip outlines and topographic road maps, intersting place to stay and eat and attractions along the way are inclucded.

  • Softbound
  • 300 Color Maps & Photos
  • 288 Pages


        6" X 9"


   Motorcycle Journeys
 Through The Alps And
    Beyond - Expanded
            5th Edition   

The Alps are magnificent. Many learned people will tell you the "Route Napolean" is the most beautiful highway in the world. The truth is almost all roads through the Alps have spectacular views. It's awesome the way the author includeds detailed route descriptions, easy to follow maps, and even mountain relief backgrounds to highlight the topography, as well as many spectacular new photos. There is advice on where to stay and what to do, and again inspiring photos. Also, works with car trips in the Alps.This is the best guide for the motorcylist planning a once, or more, trip of a life time to motorcycling paradise.

  • Softbound
  • 250 Color Photos
  • 416 Inspiring Pages


5.5" X 8.5"


   Riding In The Zone:
  Advanced Techniques
           For Skillful

Lots of people talk about being in the zone. This book shows you how to get into the zone. That place where you are physcially and mentally in the moment, where everyday problems disappear and you experience a heighten sense of well being. That state where you are relaxed and every movement is fluid yet precise, where you are at one with your world. The author tells you the factors that lead to being in the zone and gives you exercises to hone thse factors at the end of each chapter. You'll improve your mental state and awareness when riding and also your skill at handling a motorcycle.

  • Softbound
  • 230 Color Photos
  • 144 Pages


      7.75" X 9.50"


   The Complete Book
       Of Classic And      Modern Triumph               Motorcycles
          1937 - Today

This is the ultimate guide to Triumph motorcyles. Triumph offered its first motorcycle way back in 1902, which was basically a bicycle fitted with a Belgian engine. From this lowly start Triumph has gone on to produce some fo the most iconic motorcycles in history. Includes all production models, important non-production models, land speed record setting bikes and of course Triumph racing bikes. A must for Triumph and indeed all motocycle fans.

  • Hardbound
  • Numerous Color Photos
  • 272 Pages


 9.75 " X 12"


     Motorcycle Safety
    Foundation's Guide
        To Motorcycle
          2nd Edition     

It's a sad statistic that motorcycle riders are at considerably more risk than car drivers. This fine book will up your odds of being accident free. Over a million riders have taken the Foundations's safety course. All the experience helping so many riders avoid accidents is distilled down into this worhtwhile book. It covers all areas that lead to safer rding. An excellent gift for riders you love! Eye opening for many and helpful for all readers in the crucial quest to riding safely.

  • Softbound
  • 200 Color and 45 b/w Photos
  • 194 Pages


           8.25" X 10.50"


    The Upper Half Of
       The Motorcycle:
      On The Unity Of
    Rider And Machine

Bernt Spiegel's book is a tour de force. He is a German psychologist and motorcycle lover. What a great combination to help you develop the mind set to have a perfect ride every time. He dives deep into the subject of integrating the rider with the bike and road, or track. He shows you the theory and years of experience leads to helpful exercises with great graphics to get you to peak riding. This book is a huge hit in Europe and you will see why as it makes you a very knowledgeable and excellent rider. Valuable Stuff!

  • Softbound
  • 150 Color Photos
  • 192 Pages


       8.25" X 10.50"



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