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The World's number one Grand Prix Annual is back for the 69th year. The most complete race by race coverage of the 2019 F-1 season. Contains team, driver and technical reviews, and complete statistics on all 2019 GP races. Plus F3, Sports & GT, Touring car and US race series. A must for serious F-1 fans and collectors.

  • Hardbound
  • Over 400 Color Photos
  • 408 Pages


           9.5" X 12.5"


    F1 Mavericks:  The     Men and Machines    That Revolutionized    Formula One Racing

The years 1960 - 1982 was a period of great technological change in F-1. Cars moved from front to rear engine, from zero downforce to ground effects and 4 G cornering forces, narrow threaded tires to huge slicks and this resulted in major increases in performance and dropping lap times. It saw legendary drivers like Brabham, Stewart, Von Tripps, Lauda, and Bruce McLaren. Great designers like Gordon Murray, Patrik Head and Colin Chapman emerged. The story of this magnificent period is brought to you in text and photographic accounts of key races, people and technology.

  • Hardbound
  • 350 color and b/w photos
  • 240 Pages


     10.875 " X 9.25"


         Fast Forward:
     The World's Most    Famous Race Tracks         and Race Cars

Go back through time and enjoy 18 celebrated moments in motor racing via this elaborately illustrated book. It gives you the inside line on famous race tracks and cars. Take a complete lap at Le Mans in a GT40. compete in the Goodwood Festival of Speed in an E type Jag, race in the magnificent "Green Hell" in s Porsche 911, or race NASCAR drivers at Daytona. Packed with facts, stats, figurers and racing icons. It is a racing book of dreams.

  • Hardbound
  • Numerous color ills
  • 80 Pages


  13.39" X 9.88"


   Ferrari: All The Cars
  New Enlarged Edition

The complete up to date gallery of all the cars from Ferrari since its start in 1947. From the Auto Avio Construzioni that led the way to the first car with the prancing horse and Ferrari name, the 125S. Great cars too numerous to name such as the 250GTs, Testa Rossa, the ultra valuable 250 GTO on to the current supercars from Maranello. There are the unforgetable sports cars and prototypes of Le Mans and Targa Florio fame. All the F-1 cars that have led to 15 driver and 16 constructor world championships. Every car has skilled artist drawing, technical data and text that puts the car in context.A treasure trove for Ferrari fans.

  • Hardbound
  • Countless color & b/w Photos
  • 512 wonderful Pages


 8.26" X 6.29"


  Ford GT: How Ford Silenced
                   The Critics

Get the whole story from the book that inspired the movie "Ford v Ferrari". Henry Ford II wanted to produce a car that could win the big races of Europe. This book brings you the details behind the scenes of the long buildup to the GT40's first win at Le Mans in 1966 and Ford's subsequent win in 1967. It tells how the Lola GT morphed into the GT40, and how Carroll Shelby shaped the car into the Mark II GT40. Sit back and relive one of the most interesting stories in racing.

  • Hardbound
  • 77 color & 223 b/w Photos
  • 232 Pages


     9.75" X 12"


             Formula 1
     Technical Analysis             2016 - 2018

All the latest technology of the F-1 car is on display in this special three season technical review of this long running series. Giorgio Piola's technical drawing are the world's best and make understanding the fantastic techology hehind the current F-1 cars easy. Learn what allows F-1 cars to go from 0-100-0 MPH in less than 6 seconds and pull 4+ G cornering and 5 G braking forces. Cockpit design, tires, brakes, downforce, engines, new regs and more. Learn the secrets to Mercedes success. A great winter read!

  • Hardbound
  • 600 technical ills
  • 208 mind expanding pages


      9.75" X 11"


  Michael Schumacher:
      A Life In Pictures

Michael SChumacher is the GOAT F-1 driver for many. A man who did not jump to top teams but rather joined teams and was a major factor in making them champions. He captivated generations of fans and rules the record books. He's well known yet there is still more to tell. This book gives you an intimate look at a truly great driver. You will see the person behind the famous driver and see his loves, fears, strenghts and weaknesses. A fascinating look at a legend!
  • Hardbound
  • Countless pictures
  • 240 Pages


   11.02" X 11.81"


    My Greatest Defeat

This unique book looks at 20 famous living racing drivers in F-1, Indy, NASCAR, Rally and Le Mans and details their biggest defeats. Learn the intersting stories of Andretti, Lauda, Alain Prost, Jackie Stewart, Bobby Unser and 15 other great drivers. Learn how great drivers handled major defeats.!

  • Hardbound
  • 20 color Photos
  • 336 Pages


        6.1" X 9.20"


       Schlumpf: The
   Intrigue Behind The     Most Beautiful Car
     Collection In The                World

The Schlumpf brothers, Hans & Fritz, were from Switzerland but moved to SE France and prospered. They loved cars and began collecting them in the days when classics cars were cheap. Eventually they created one of the biggest car collections with many of prettiest cars in the world. The intrigue is how the Schlumpf's, French unions and government fought for control of this incredible car collection. We have the warm feeling of satisfaction of introducing a gem of a museum to many of our customers. Everyone knows about the Porsche, M Benz, Ferrari, etc. museums, but not this one. Learn about a museum every car fan should visit!

  • Hardbound
  • 173 Color & b/w Photos
  • 160 Pages


      8.1" X 9.8"


   The Complete Book
    Of Jaguar: Every
    Model Since 1935

Jaguar started in 1935 by launching the SS model. This set in motion what no one realized would lead to England's most cherished high performance cars. In 1961 Jaguar gave the car world a jolt by offering what some say is the most beautiful car design of all time, the Jaguar E type, a true 150 MPPH sports car. All the Jaguars are here in a timeline of models featuring the story of each model, the car's technology, and technical and performance tables. Of course, tales of the success of Jags against the liks of Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin on the world's race tracks are highland.

  • Hardbound
  • 350 Color &b/w Photos
  • 256 Pages


       9.75" X 12"


    The Complete Book
                Of 911

The 911 is the embodiment of Ferdinand Porsche's ground breaking image of the ultimate sports car. The celebrated author Randy Leftingwell provides the reader with the year by year devellopment and racing success of Germany's most famous car, starting with the original 901 prototype right up to the cutting edge GT2 and GT3s and the 992 version of todays 911, accompanied by Porsche archive and other stunning photos.Read about one of the most iconic cars in history!

  • Hardbound
  • 450 incredible color and b/w Photos
  • 344 Pages


      9.625" X 11"


       The Life Monaco
             Grand Prix

Monaco has been the most prestigious and galmorous race on the GP and then F-1 calendar since its inception in 1929. The street circuit in beautiful Monaco is the most galmorous setting for any race in the world. Yet the circuit is legendary for its challenging complexity and test drivers like no other. Then there is the off track spectacle of out of this world yatchs in the harbor, private jets, penthouse and from the royal family castle grounds viewing of the race and star studded parties.Learn the history and grandeur of a race like no other.

  • Hardbound
  • 250 Color and b/w Photos
  • 240 Pages


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