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The World's number one Grand Prix Annual is back for the 67th year. The most complete race by race coverage of the 2017 F-1 season. Contains team, driver and technical reviews, and complete statistics on all 2017 GP races. Plus F3, Sports & GT, Touring car and US race series. A must for serious F-1 fans and collectors.

  • Hardbound
  • Over 400 Color Photos
  • 408 Pages


           9.5" X 12.5"


     The Golden Years

To celebrate Ferrari's 70th anniversary, this is a tribute to the Cavallino and the golden years when this storied firm was run by just one man: il Commendator Enzo Ferrari. Many brand new photos taken by Franco Villani, a very astute photographer of Ferrari, provide a great look at this historic man and his company. From the very beginning of Scuderia Ferrari until he passed away one warm summer monring in 1988, the entire history of Enzo's Scuderia is here in lovely, intriguing and for sure historic photos, as well as enticing text.

  • Hardbound
  • 100s Of Historic Photos
  • 320 Pages


     11.8 " X 11"


            Formula 1:
        The Pursuit Of

A wonderful perspective of F-1 from the start in 1950 to the present. This great "updated edition" is divided into three sections: Drivers & Rivalries, Teams & Cars, and Tragedy & Triumph on the track. Action dripping photos from the Cahier Archive make this book come alive. Relive the great rivalries like Prost vs Senna and Lauda vs Hunt. Follow the thrilling victories of Fangio, Prost, Schumacher, Vettel and many others back to the first champion. A worthwhile winter read!

  • Hardbound
  • 418 Historic Photos
  • 272 Pages


  9.72" X 11.42"


        Mario Andretti
      A Life In Pictures

Mario Andretti is famous the world over as; F1 and IndyCar Champion, winner of the Indy 500, Sebring, 24 Hours of Daytona and many other races. This is his story from countless interviews. His anecdotes, wit, jokes and knowledge will give you new instights into motor racing, as well as entertain you. An enjoyable and informative look at one of America's greatest drivers!

  • Hardbound
  • over 300 Color & b/w Photos
  • 208 Pages


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            Mille Miglia

This 1000 mile race throught Italy was one of the greatest racing series in history. Bugatti, Mercedes, Porsche, Lancia, Alfa, Ferrari, all of the world's greatest manufacturers took part. Add the stellar cast of drivers, co-drivers, team managers, mechanics, techincal people, entertainment stars and the vast audience that lined the 1000 mile course and the true meaning of spectacle comes to mine. All this is brought together and to life in this grand portrait. A new and natural addition to race fans libraries.

  • Hardbound
  • Countless Wonderful Photos
  • 320 Pages


     11.8" X 11"


      Porsche 70 Years
        There Is No Substitute

Porsche is one of the very strongest brands and most iconic automotive firms in history. The name evokes images of great engineering, cars and racing achievements. Randy Leffingwell does a superb job of bringing all that is Porsche to life. Learn the history of Porsche from the start and how they progressed from strength to strength based on superior engineering and high standards of excellence. Read the stories behind their greatest cars; 356, 908, 911, 917, 935, 956, 962 right up to the Le Mans winning 919. There is something here for every sort of Porsche fan. Automotive engineering, innovation and racing history at its best!

  • Hardbound
  • 200 Color & 50 b/w Photos
  • 256 History Packed Pages


      12" X 9.75"



Rally racing is a somewhat forgotten sport in America. Yet it is very popular in Europe and a very, very exciting sport. The long courses make it impossible for drivers to memorize every turn, and often there are no safe runoff areas and other safety features. Add in the very real variable of fluctuating track surfaces and you will understand the challenges this sport creates that racing on nice paved courses does not. This book brings the entire history of world rallying from the early 1970s until today to you in wonderful pictures and text Available January 26, 2018. Be the first to get it!

  • Hardbound
  • 304 Color & b/w Actioned Packed Photos
  • 300 Pages


   11.8" X 11"


    Shelby America
             Up Close and
       Behind The Scenes

Carroll Shelby is one of the most famous Americans in racing. This book takes you back to the start when Shelby setup his first shop in Venice, California in 1962 and built his first race cars. See how and why the 289 Cobra, Daytona Coupe, 427 Cobra, Mustang GT350 and his other iconic cars were conceived and developed into race winners. Dave Friedman was there photgraphing it all in detail. A fascinating look at a facinating man and his great achievements!!

  • Hardbound
  • 100 Color & 200 b/w Photos
  • 240 Pages


        12" X 9.75"


        Speed Read F1

Buckle up for a high G ride of F1. Speed Read covers; technology, drivers, rivalries, circuits, the F1 weekend, safety, and the business aspects of the world's largest annually televised sport. Each section is brief and to the point, but also very informative. It is a great book, and gift, for anyone wanting to get up to speed quickly on Formula One.

  • Softbound
  • 60 color ills
  • 160 Pages


      6.69" X 8.86"


       Stars and Cars

We all love seeing famous cars in film, TV or pop culture. It's a treat for the eyes and ears. The famous 11 minute chase scene in Bullitt remains the best chase scene in film. Think James Dean and his ill fated 550 Porsche Spider, Minis in the Italian Job, the psychedelic Janis Joplin 356, the limo commissiond by the Beatles, cars of the Fast & Furious, Sinatra's cars and many more stars and cars relationships are here for your pleasure. Expert writing, striking photos and cool scenes make this book perfect for the fan of stars, cars, film and TV.

  • Hardbound
  • 150 impressive images
  • 224 Pages


       9.06" X 11.8"


        The Art of The
     Classic Sports Car

Sports cars are the super athletes of the auto world. They fly where other cars lumber, slice throught traffic and negotiate turns with grace, poise and excitement where other cars sway and plough through turns. People instinctively know a sports car when they see one and the name evokes images of Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and other famous marques. This book delivers beautiful high quality studio photos of iconic sports cars from around the world and throughout history, plus a discussion of each car's place in the evolution of sports cars and its technical and performance specifications and historic photos of the car and advertisments.

  • Hardbound
  • 225 Memorable Photos
  • 208 Pages


      9.75" X 12"

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