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The World's number one Grand Prix Annual is back for the 73rd year. The most complete race by race coverage of the 2023 F-1 season. Contains team, driver and technical reviews, and complete statistics on all 2023 GP races. Plus F3, Sports & GT, Touring car and US race series. A must for serious F-1 fans and collectors.

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   50 Years With Ferrari              

This is the story of photographer Neill Bruce's work behind the scenes at Ferrari and the exquisite photos he took to record it all. A beautiful look at the Ferrari models in the 1970s, 80s & 90s. Captivating photos of the factory and service and repairs being done to these rolling works of art. This combined with the intriguing stories behind the photos. His superb photos are reproduced on gloss art paper to the highest standard. This book also provides insights into techniques involved to create great automotive photographs.

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  • Beautiful Photos
  • 192 Beautiful Pages


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    Backroads Of Route
      66: Your Guide To
    Adventures & Scenic                   Tours

Route 66 is one of the most famous highways in the world. In fact, over 60% of people who visit this iconic road are from other nations. Much has been written about Route 66. This book shows you the many enticing things to do that are not on but close to Route 66. Learn about special towns that were the first in the west, the special natural wonders that are close to Route 66, native cultural sites and much more. Learn about these historic sites, special museums, and more. This so you can plan an unforgettable car or motorcycle trip.

  • Softbound
  • Countless Photos
  • 192 Pages


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    Driven To Crime:
      True Stories Of Wrongdoing In Motor

Over 60 interesting stories of real people committing serious crimes involving Drugs, Fraud, Murder, Swindles and other crimes in motor racing. Read about a drug smuggling IMSA champion, Fangio being kidnapped by Cuban rebels, a Ponzi scheme that funded top level racing Porsches, a stock market guru who committed fraud to finance an F-1 team, and many other intriguing tales of crime. A good winter read.

  • Hardbound
  • 512 Griping Pages


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   Formula 1 Drive To  
         Survive: The
  Unofficial Companion

This grand book shows you all aspects of Formula One racing. People - who does what to make F-1 the biggest annuallly televised sport in the world and provide the talent to win. Cars & Drivers - From Fangio and Alfa, McLaren and Prost & Senna, to Schumacher and Ferrari all the way to Verstappen and Red Bull. Iconic machines and men. Circuits - learn all about today's famous F-1 tracks and what is required to win on them. Strategy - delve into race tactics and strategies that produce winners, and losers. Mega $ - learn how the most expenisve sport in the world is finaced and what people in it make. The more you know the more you'll enjoy F-1.

  • Softbound
  • Informative photos
  • 192 Pages


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      Formula One Quiz
     Book: 500 Question
   To Test Your Formula
        One Knowledge

Formula One is gaining popularity and expanding in the US of A. This book give you a chance to test your knowledge and also a chance to learn about all aspects of F-1. Drivers from Fangio to Schumacher to Verstappen and the many other World Champions. The great driver rivalries: Lauda vs Hunt, Prost vs Senna, Schumacher vs Hill, Verstapppen vs Hamilton, etc. Iconic F-1 circuits and races from around the world. F-1 in the media and movies. See what you know about this great sport and learn a lot about what you don't know. An engaging and enjoyable way to learn about the seven decades of F-1 racing, its heritage and drama

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  • Informative Photos
  • 192 pages


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        Formula One:
           The Rivals

The 2021 F-1 season saw one of the hottest contested WDC, as Max bested Lewis in the last race. Thrilling stuff, but there have been many other great driver duels in F-1. This book takes you into the thick of the Lauda - Hunt, Senna - Prost, and Mansell - Piquet rivalries, and many others. This is must reading for Formula One fans.

  • Hardbound
  • Exciting photos
  • 240 pages


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    Giorgetto & Fabrizo
 Giugiaro: Masterpieces
               Of Style   

Giorgetto Giugiaro is one of the most iconic names in automotive design. Here is the updated version of this story of style, including creations from the new GFG Style Brand, formed with his son Fabrizo. It's no secret that many of the greatest car designs sprung forth from Itay. Giugiaro Italdesgn was started in 1968. From this came such car designs as the Alfa Giulia Sprint GT, Alfetta,VW Golf, Audi 80, Lancia Thema, Maserati Bora, Ghibli and Merak, and many more. Also, some of the most intersting concepts cars came fron this company. Learn about car design by follwoing the storied path of one of the greats.

  • Hardbound
  • Great Style Photos
  • 264 Pages


        10.63" X 9.45"


           Le Mans 100:
           A Century At
   The World's Greatest
        Endurance Race

Le Mans is one of the three most famous annual races in the world. This fantastic book provides you with a 100 year look at this incredible 24 hour race. It requires speed and superb reliability to win. Meet the storied teams that have taken part, e.g. Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Corvette, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche, Renault and many more. All the classes that ran each year and the top three overall winners. Learn about the legends that drove these incredible machines, e.g. Derek Bell, Fangio, Gurney, Ickx, Kristensen, Moss, Shelby and many many more. This is a race that inspired some of the greatest racing movies of all time, e.g. Le Mans with Steve McQueen and Ford vs Ferrari.

  • Slip Case
  • Lots Of Historic Photos
  • 240 Pages


      9.25" X 10.88"


          Shelby America:
         60 Years Of High

Heart trouble forced Shelby from the driver's seat. So he formed Shalby American in 1962 and created the Ford powered AC Cobra that dominated sports car racing on both sides of the Atlantic. Causing Ford to get him to help with their Le Mans GT effort. The resullting GT40 was a winner and the star of the acclaimed movie Ford vs Ferrari. He went on to create the Shelby Mustang GT350 and the GT500. Shelby was one of the top innovators in sports car racing in the 60s. Meet the people who made this happen: designer Peter Brock, talented engineer Phil Remington and Mr GT350 Chuck Cantwell. Then bask in the glory and talent of the Shelby drivers like Ken Miles, Bondurant, Gurney, Bruce McLaren, Hume, Foyt and Andretti. Follow his work later with Dodge and his work on the Viper.

  • Hardbound
  • 224 Pages


       9.75" X 12"


 The Electrical Vehicle
  Revolution: The Past,
  Present & Future Of

Learn about EVs that challenged petro powered cars for supremacy of the auto industry. From thousands of EVs produced before Ford started making cars, to electric taxi fleets in NY City. The amazing EVs that Ferdinand Porsche created; the world's first four wheel dirve car, that had an electric motor in each wheel and won hill climbs. See how and why internal combustion engines won out. The long road EVs took and the innovations that have led to their surpising comeback. Just 20 years ago people did not want or care about EVs. Learn about the latest technology, the advantages EVs offer and future innovations that will make them more efficent and practical. It's a captivating and informative read that gives you a view of where the auto industry may be headed.

  • Hardbound
  • Interesting Photos
  • 176 Pages


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