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The World's number one Grand Prix Annual is back for the 66th year. The most complete race by race coverage of the 2016 F-1 season. Contains team, driver and technical reviews, and complete statistics on all 2016 GP races. Plus F3, Sports & GT, Touring car and US race series. A must for serious F-1 fans and collectors

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      Brian Redman
     Daring Drivers
       Deadly Track

The first book on Brian Redmans's life. Here is a man who drove and won at the greatest race tracks in the world; Nurburgring, Spa, Targa Floria, Le Mans, Daytona and many more. He drove and won in some of the most iconic cars in racing; Ford GT40s, Ferrari 312 PBs, the mighty 917s and more. Get inside the sport with anecdotes about the most famous drivers, managers, team owners and other characters of the era. Learn about the friendships, fears, frustrations and mental battles going on in Redman's life. Fascinating stuff for race fans! Forward by Mario Andretti.

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  • 300 Historic Photos
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50th Anniversary

The first rule of CAN-AM was there were few rules. The result a racing series like no other, featuring engines of unlimited displacement, and pretty much restriction free areodynamics. This produced thunderous super quick cars that drew crowds that rivaled F-1 and some of the most technically advanced cars on the planet. It led to the greatest technical battle in racing when the smaller turbocharged Porsches battled to victory over the much larger displacement Chevy powered McLarens in the truly historic 1972 season. Followed by the 1200 HP turbocharged Porsche 917-30, which totally dominiated the 1973 season and went on to soundly break the closed course speed record. See such historic cars as CAN-AM Lolas, McLarens, ground breaking Chaparrals, UOP Shadows and Porsche Turbos and drivers like Jackie Stewart, Parnelli Jones, Bruce McLaren, Denny Hulme, Dan Gurney, Phil Hill, Mark Donohue and more.

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   Ferrari 250 GTO:
 Owner's Workshop

The Ferrari 250 GTO is the world's most revered and expensive classic car, with one auctioned for $38,115,000 in 2014, to become the highest priced classic car ever sold! Now you can see first hand what went into creating this classic's classic. It's all here in this wonderful look at this precious piece of automotive art and engineering. Essential reading for Ferrari fans!

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  • 300 Photos
  • 160 Pages


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   70 Years

Ferrari, one word says it all, and this book covers all 70 years of the world's most famous car brand. Ferrari cars from the 125S in 1947 to the 340 and 375s of the 1950s, the awesome 250s and 275s of the 1960s, the Daytona , the radical F-40, and the outrageous Enzo and LaFerrari - no other company has had such a consistent record of producing beautiful high performance road cars. This book lets you see how the magic was created. It delves into Enzo himself and covers his early and important years with Alfa Romeo. A great "brand new book" about an iconic man and car company!

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      Formula 1
  All The Races

All 66 seasons, from the start through 2015. It's all here 935 races, 206 winning cars, 105 winning drivers, 32 champions and countless, intriguing stories. Race by race, decade by decade, a fascinationg story unfolds with some of the sporting world's most intriguing competitions and moments. The 206 winning cars are illustrated in great artwork by Alain Baudouin. Follow the evolution from mainly racing in Europe to the world's number one annually televised sport. A grand and very comprehensive look at the sport we all love!

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  • 668 History Packed Pages


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    Formula 1

Monza is the oldest operating track in Europe. This engrossing book takes you to all the F-1 races held at this world famous circuit. Immerse yourself in the races, drivers, pits, cars and 250,000 spectators at this awesome track. Italians love F-1 with a red hot passion and it shows in the pages of this emotion producing book. Relive the greatest moments at this high speed gem of a track, where F-1 cars hit 225 mph, the highest speeds in F-1, in hundreds of never before published photos. A new and natural addition to race fans libraries!

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  • 100s Of New Photos
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        Formula 1
 Technical Analysis

All the latest technology of the F-1 car is on display in this great book. Giorgio Piola's technical drawings are the world's best and make understanding the fantastic technology behind the current F-1 cars easy. Learn what allows F-1 cars to go from 0-100-0 MPH in less than 6 seconds and pull 4+ G cornering forces. Cockpit design, tires, brakes, downforce, engines, new regs, and more. Learn the secrets to Mercedes success!

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  • 400 Technical Drawings
  • 128 Pages


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     Formula 1:
 The Pursuit Of   

A wonderful perspective of F-1 from the 1950s to the present! This great "new book" is divided into three sections: Drivers & Rivalries, Teams & Cars, Tragedy & Triump on the track. Action dripping photos from the Cashier Archive make this book come alive. Relive the great rivalries like Prost vs Senna, Lauda vs Hunt. Follow the thrilling vicotires of Fangio, Prost, Schumacher, Vettel and so many others back to the first champion. A worthwhile winter read!

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  • A Photo Treasure Trove
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       50 Years

Lamborghini has been Ferrari's main supercar competitor for 50 years. From the first car they built, the Miura, Lamborghini has been serious competition. In 1974 Lamborghini debuted one of the most iconic road cars of all time, the Countach, a Marcello Gandini masterpiece that looks ultra modern today, 42 years later. This was followed by a string of other hits like the Diablo. Audi purchased Lamborghini in 1997 and brought German engineering and efficiency while keeping the world renown Italian styling and personality that only Italians can instill in a car. This led to the Murcielago (2001), Gallardo (2003), Reventon (2008), Aventador (2011)and the current Huracan. Cars that are 0 - 60 in less than 3 second 220 mph classics as soon as they are shown to the public. Read about this amazing car company and their achievements in great photos and text!

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  • 200 Wonderful Photos
  • 224 Pages


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   All The Cars

Fabled Maserati celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2014. This book details almost all of its 100+ years of production. There is the Tipo 26, the GP car the Maserati brothers created when they first became race car constructors in 1926. They went on to create a cadre of iconic street and road cars beginning with the A6 1500, 3500 and 5000 GTs, the Ghibli, Indy and the Merak. Followed by the remarkable 8CTF, A6GCS, 250F, the famous Tipo 61 "birdcage Maserati" and many other classics. This new book provides an informative and interesting ride through the history of one of the world's great automakers!

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  • 150 Ills
  • 356 Pages


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     Mercedes Benz
  Grand Prix W196

Few if any F-1 cars have arrived so far ahead of the pack technically as the W196 when it debuted July 4, 1954 at the French GP. It had exotic features like direct fuel injection, the world's first "valve spring free" valve train, in board brakes and a streamlined areodynamic shape. In this first race W196s finished 1-2, exactly 40 years to the day after finsishing 1-2-3 at this same French race. It was a big part of Juan Fangio becoming an iconic driver, as it powered him to two consecutive F-1 Champsionships. Grand photos from the Ludvigsen archive highlight this sensational period of F-1 history, with pictures of team manager Alfred Neubauer, Fangio, Moss and more. A fabulous glimpse at early F-1 history!

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  • 121 Ills
  • 128 Pages


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      Porsche 917:
Owner's Workshop

The 917 was voted the greatest race car of all time because of the way it dominated in every race series in which it took part. Now look deeply into what made this car so very famous. What allowed it to hit 245 mph lap after lap in 1970 at Le Mans? See how Porsche essentially bolted two 911 engines together to create this 5 liter masterpiece of engineering. Follow the innovative design, operation, evolution, maintenance and now restoration of this great car.

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  • 200 Photos
  • 160 Pages


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     Porsche Turbo

Porsche made automotive history by making turbocharging work in road racing cars. This cumulated in the Porsche 917-30, which could put out a truly awesome 1400 hp way back in 1973. It was a natural move for Porsche to apply all their technology to to make a turbocharged street car. The 1975 Porsche 930 amazed the automotive world as the rebirth of the supercar, which had faded with the strict restriction of the early 1970s. In this splendid book you can follow Porsche's five decades of building iconic, history making and breaking race and street cars. Learn all about the world's first turbocharged super race car the Porsche 917-10, the even more impressive 917-30 and all the other Porsche turbo standouts, including the Porsche championship winning turbo F-1 engine. Plus, you can follow and learn all about Porsche's many ground breaking turbo road cars; 930, 944, 968 and 911.

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  • 228 Color Photos
  • 256 Historic Pages


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      The American           Legacy In          Formula 1

Everything Americans have done in F-1 since it began in 1950 is here. Richly illustrated with in-depth accounts of what American drivers, teams, constructors and others have achieved in Formula One makes this a captivating and informative read. Plus, it includes great information about all the American Circuits that have held F-1 races, including the new Circuit of the Americas track in Austin. The introduction is by Mario Andretti. This coffee table quality book features the famous photography of Bernard & Paul-Henri Cahier.

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  • 200 Photos
  • 196 Pages


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 The BMW Century

Follow and be inspired by the one hundred year old story of the fabulous BMW firm. Immerse yourself in the wonderful products this firm has produced; the 1923 advance R32 motorcycle, all the way to the latter day R90S, R100S and R80GS world class machines and today's breath-taking S1000RR. BMW invented the sports sedan and now makes the world's best selling sports sedan - the BMW 3 Series. They were early on in the application of turocharging road race cars and they were the first company in the world to serial produce jet engines. Enjoyed a storied and fascinating trip through motorcycle and automotive history with German engineering marvel BMW!

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  • 240 Pages


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